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Studio Rejuvenate

Effective July 1, 2023


Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal*, Lymphatic, or Reflexology.)


30 Minutes: $50                                         Members: $25

60 Minutes: $90                                         Members: $45

90 Minutes: $130                                       Members: $65

120 Minutes: $170                                     Members: $85

Add Hot Stones: $18                                 Members: $9

Add Aromatherapy: $18                            Members: $9

Chair Massage**: $1.50/minute                 Members: $0.75/minute

*Please Note that any Prenatal Massages Require Prior Approval from Mother’s Obstetrician / Pregnancy Provider.

Please note that we accept all Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks, and Cash. The card processor does charge a fee if you choose to pay by card.

You may also use any of these methods to leave a Gratuity (Tip).

** Minimum of 30 minutes